4 Reasons why do companies use mailers

Companies have become more conscious about the packing materials they use. They require mailer bags for their products but do not prefer plastic bags that harm the environment. Eco-conscious manufacturers use compostable mailer bags. Compostable mailers are available in various forms like envelopes, shipping bags and boxes. They are made of biodegradable material that decomposes quickly. Compostable mailers are biodegradable and break down in six months, whereas plastic bags need decades to decompose. Custom compostable mailers like printed bags, corrugated boxes and poly bags are tailored to suit the needs of a business. They have the company’s name prominently printed on them, which is an excellent way to brand the products.

What are compostable mailers?

These mailers are biodegradable and an excellent alternative to plastic mailers. They are sustainable and made from a combination of corn-based PLA bioplastic and bio-based PBAT. They degrade into hummus-like material, which nourishes the soil. They are waterproof, durable and sturdy, like plastic mailers.

Why do people choose custom mailers?

Custom mailers help brands to make a strong first impression. Customised packaging aims to attract customers and make them buy the product. Branding through mailers helps companies to build deep and long-lasting relationships with customers.

Printed custom mailers stand out from the standard plain mailer envelopes because they have bold colours and impressive logos. A custom mailer receives immediate attention and excites customers.

Proper packaging helps companies to boost sales and make more money. Custom mailer envelopes are affordable and cheaper than standard mailer cartons. They don’t require additional packing supplies. Therefore, they save money and please the customers.

The most common disadvantage of online stores is that they can’t interact face-to-face with the customers, which is only possible with a physical store. In such cases, companies utilise packaging to connect with customers.

Manufacturers rely on custom mailer bags because they meet the product’s safety and protection requirements. They are undamaged when they reach their destination. They are tamper evident and withstand adverse weather conditions.

Custom mailers are used to ship various items and are tailored to meet the needs of the business. Customers can choose the type of package that suits the products. The products are delivered safely, and the customised mailers help customers to recognise the brand.

Features of custom mailer bags

These bags are soft to the touch but are strong and don’t wear out quickly. They are writeable, yet water resistant and 100% compostable. The mailers stand out in the crowded market and enhance the brand’s value. The packaging of any product plays a significant role in making the customer recommend it to their friends. Brands can design cool and unique packaging which effectively differentiates the product in the busy online market. Brands can have great designs, and at the same time, the packing is sustainable.

Tips for designing the perfect mailers

Colour is an essential factor when designing a product’s mailer. Colours help to recognise brands immediately. Bright colours grab people’s attention and make it stand out.

The product packaging features the tone of voice of the brand. Each brand has a tone, and the packaging makes it more recognisable. It connects with the customer and communicates the brand’s message effectively timechi.

Logos play an essential part in making people identify a brand. Small logos are repeated on the mailers, and loud and big logos are printed in a place where they are noticed quickly. The logo needs to be used wisely to avoid overwhelming the customers gimnow.

Custom compostable mailers are suitable for e-commerce sellers because they are small, light and available in all sizes. Compared to cartons, they are cost-effective and space-saving. They can withstand harsh environments and are flexible enough to accommodate different sizes and shapes of products apps session.

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