5 Tips for Choosing an Ideal Ergonomic Chair for Your Office

Are you staring at your computer’s screen for nine hours a day while sitting on a dilapidated chair? If your answer is affirmative, you’re becoming vulnerable to back issues like spondylitis and arthritis. You need to invest in an ergonomic chair for your office to keep health problems at bay and enhance your productivity at work. These chairs, available in varied shapes and sizes, are designed to align with the working environment and upgrade the comfort level of the occupants.

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However, choosing a chair can overwhelm you, given the broad spectrum of options and their technical specifications. Moreover, you have to account for your budget and body structure before zeroing in on a model. This article covers five tips to make your selection of an ergonomic chair seamless. Read on!

Never Compromise with Lumbar Support

Your chosen chair model should proffer sufficient support to the lumbar or lower back region to maintain the natural spinal curve. Deprived of adequate comfort, you may develop chronic back pain and ruin your posture for life. Therefore, while browsing through the options, look for the variants with adjustable lumbar support, both in height and depth.

Settle the Debate between Mesh and Foam

You can incline towards a chair with a backrest made of foam because it feels soft on the skin. However, you cannot shun a mesh-based model without understanding its advantages. Chairs with mesh fabric are more breathable, which promotes better air circulation. If your working environment lacks proper ventilation and gets suffocating, a mesh fabric will keep you cool.

On the other hand, if you are troubled by spinal cord issues, with your back warranting added support, opt for a foam-based model. Moreover, if you have the budget, choose memory foam to alleviate stress from the pivotal pressure points.

Choose a Chair with Adjustable Height

Unless you are going for a custom-made chair, you will find it taxing to find a model that fits all. It is imperative to have a variant with a widely varying adjustable height, especially when you have a fixed workstation. Your chair’s seat height should ideally range between 430 mm and 550 mm so that you can sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Your eyes should be level with your laptop’s screen, and your arms should rest snuggly on the desk. Furthermore, if you can adjust the height without moving an inch, it adds to your convenience.

Reclining Chairs are a Necessity

Chairs without a reclining feature will not drain your savings but harm your body in the long run. Adjustable reclines, ideally locking between 110° and 130°, are essential to release pressure from the hips and lower back region. You can bid goodbye to unprecedented back injuries by spending a few extra bucks.

Look for a Chair With a Headrest

Ideally, buyers look for a comfy armrest and backrest while hunting for an office chair. However, you should ditch this herd mentality and invest in a model that comes with a headrest too. A cushioned headrest will keep your neck stable and fend it against any long-term injury. Moreover, it will improve your posture, allowing you to sit upright and prevent slouching at work.

An ergonomic chair is designed to curate a conducive environment for people to work and become more efficient. However, not all models are suited to your body dynamics and requirements. With the five suggestions offered in this article, you can filter out the models and pick the best option for your workspace.

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