A Buying Guide for Nighties.

Good sleep is the key to success. The nightwear market has been booming as more people see the benefits of switching to nighties. Over 63% of all women prefer nightdresses to pyjamas. Ranking higher in comfort and aesthetic, women love nighties in Australia. However, several aspects must be considered before investing in the right pair. This guide will go through all the factors you should consider while shopping for nighties.


When buying nighties, you should always look for full coverage. Complete coverage means that the top of your nightie will cover your entire breast and lower stomach areas.

If you are looking for something tight-fitting and comfortable, go with something with a little less coverage. Full coverage may be better if you have large breasts or wide hips than having something too loose-fitting and uncomfortable to sleep in.


Nighties should be made of cotton, which is the most comfortable material for sleeping in Australia and will not absorb odours. Cotton is perfect for the unpredictable Australian weather. Wash them in cold water and iron them on medium heat.


The size of your nightie is essential because it determines how well you will be able to wear it. For example, if your chest area is too big and hangs off the shoulders of your gown, then it may look funny and less flattering.

The size of the waist area will also affect how well you can get into or out of your night dress. Getting dressed could become a hassle if the waistband is too small or tight (which is common in most cheap nightwear). Meanwhile, if the band is too loose (which happens often), the gown will fall off when sleeping.

In addition to these two factors being important for comfortability during sleeping hours, other things like whether or not sleeves extend past wrists also come into play when considering whether to buy new clothing items in Australia.

Nighties vs Pyjamas

If you’re not a fan of wearing pyjamas, nighties are the best option for you. If your only concern is comfort and convenience (or if you like having something around that makes getting dressed easier), consider buying some nighties instead. Nighties are much more comfortable than pyjamas because they have better-fitting sleeves and legs. Plus, they don’t restrict movement as much as pants do when sitting down or standing up straight on a hard surface like wood floors or linoleum tiles (which tend not to be very durable).

Allow for a little extra room in the waist area.

Nighties should be snug but not too tight. The ideal measurement for a nightie is about an inch longer than your actual waist size, so you’ll have enough room to move around in the morning without feeling uncomfortable. If you’re unsure how much extra room you need, ask someone else how they like their nighties to fit—they might have different opinions.

Things to Consider while Choosing Nighties in Australia.

  • The brand: What are the company’s values, and how do they reflect your own?
  • The quality: Australian fibres are comfortable and durable; purchasing an in-house manufactured product is your best bet.
  • The price: Is it worth the cost, or can you find a similar item cheaper elsewhere?
  • Style, comfort and fit: How does it look on you? Are there any shortcomings that need addressing in design, fabric or size (e.g., too tight around hips or shoulders)? Or is there an issue with how well it stays in place once put on because of its composition (e.g., rubber elastic)? These are all potential points you should consider when choosing nighties!
  • Material: Will the nightie fade quickly over time due to frequent washing/drying cycles? If so, select one made with non-fading material, such as cotton, instead since these types tend not to fade away quickly after multiple washes/dryings. This ensures they’ll keep looking good throughout their lifespan without fading too much.

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