Cosmelan Peel: Things to Know About & Its Benefits

Are you looking for a treatment option for your facial skin concerns? If so, you must know that Cosmelan peels are unique chemical peels that swiftly eliminate all types of hyperpigmentation while illuminating and unifying the face. This procedure decreases the over-formation of melanin by blocking an enzyme called tyrosinase by combining several potent depigmenting chemicals. The peel gradually fades pigment and stops it from reappearing to treat dark spots brought on by excessive melanin production quickly, effectively, and painlessly. And this article will let you know more about the process and its benefits.

Why Should You Use the Product?

The use of appropriate chemical peels can reduce hyperpigmentation. Also, by exfoliating dead skin cells, this medication is one of the most effective ways to treat brown spots on the face. Moreover, for tough pigmentation problems like chloasma that don’t react to standard creams and lasers, Cosmelan peels are also an option. This product can also reduce photodamage, fine lines, and wrinkles. Overall, the skin’s structure will improve, and the number of open pores will decrease.

Steps in the Process

Four steps make up the procedure. The initial phase, rigorous depigmentation treatment, is carried out in a clinic, and the next steps can be completed at home. Your face is thoroughly cleaned at the clinic before a skilled specialist delicately inserts a mask. If desired, they offer a post-treatment kit and directions for removing the peel at home. Meanwhile, apply a cream that your dermatologist has advised after removing the mask with a mild cleaner and lots of water. You should also apply the cream multiple times every day for at least two weeks.

What Are the Benefits?

Skin Tone Balance  

The body generates melanin only at levels that are regarded as normal, as this is the process by which it maintains skin colour. Uneven deposition results in some parts getting considerably darker and others getting noticeably lighter. The treatment temporarily stops the body from producing melanin, but once it starts up again, the production rate recovers to normal.

Suitable for All Skin Types and Ethnicities

Cosmelan depigmentation peel is more effective than lasers for the majority of users. All skin kinds and tones can safely remove undesired pigmentation, and people of all races can use it. However, avoid using it if you have rosacea or severely sensitive skin.


As people age, their bodies produce less beneficial enzymes for the skin. Laxity is one manifestation of these reductions because the skin is no longer as thick and challenging as it once was. So by encouraging the body to create collagen, which helps maintain skin tight, supple, and young, the treatment slows down ageing.


Peeling results in no discomfort at all; your skin will be susceptible for a week or two after rinsing off as it peels and recovers. This process is accelerated by an LED session, which may also, if necessary, recommend additional products to lessen the irritation.

It Operates Quickly

It recovers so quickly that a person only needs one treatment (surface peels for hyperpigmentation often require six or more treatments). The application of the Cosmelan mask marks the start of the medicine in the clinic. The client should wash the show off at home after 8 to 12 hours and anticipate 3 to 4 days of redness, irritation, and slight swelling (similar to a sunburn), as well as peeling that could last up to a week. As such, you can schedule a session at a clinic with LED support.

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