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How Much Would it Cost to Rent a Single Bedroom in the USA?

For example, the cost of renting a single bedroom in Washington, DC is $1,785. The price of a vacant unit there is $2,174. The District of Columbia’s population is primarily renters, and rentals make up nearly two-thirds of the housing market. Washington, DC rents are comparably high, but the price of single-room apartments in the district has fallen in the last year.

The cost of renting a single-bedroom apartment varies a great deal depending on the housing market in each city. In urban areas, you can expect to pay more than in rural areas, and the cost of a studio apartment in New York City is roughly $2,400 a month. House rents also vary based on location. In the Northeast, a single-bedroom apartment costs around $850 per month, while a one-bedroom home in Southeastern New York costs $2,300.

The median price of a one-bedroom apartment in the U.S. rose in May, following the trend started in April. The average rent in the United States increased by nearly 10% in May. Rents in Florida were the highest, rising by a full 20 percent over last year. In Florida, Miami and Phoenix rent prices rose by a similar amount in the same time period, as did the price of a two-bedroom apartment in Atlanta.

As a general rule, renting a single-bedroom apartment in the United States costs between $350-850 per month, depending on the city you live in. Depending on the lease terms, utilities may be included in the rent. In contrast, a shared apartment, where the landlord has multiple units, can cost between $250 and $550 per month. You can pay less rent if you find roommates to live with. The cost of rent is much lower in rural areas and more affordable.

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