How to Assist Children in Adjusting to Living in Two Homes Following a Divorce

Divorce nearly invariably results in the creation of two households. This transition can be particularly challenging for children if you have kids and will split parenting time with your ex-spouse since it can easily feel like a loss of security and control. Karp & Iancu, S.C. can help you.

The good news is that there are things you can do to support your kids during this trying time.

Can Your Children Participate In The Home Search Process?

You could have few possibilities for housing after divorce if you are leaving the marital home. Many individuals must, at least initially, rent. If you can, give your children the impression that they can influence where you reside. Let them weigh in once you have reduced the options to at least two locations you can afford. Allowing kids to pick paint colors and other things when you do move in may go a long way toward making them feel involved.

Give your child a place to call their own.

Children who move between two homes may have feelings of being guests in one or both homes. Your youngster ought to have their own room that they may personalize. That entails allowing consumers to select color palettes, accessories, and other features.

A smart place to start is giving them their own room, but they should also feel comfortable in the rest of the house. They will have less stuff to carry between households if you store additional sets of clothes, pajamas, and toiletries in the bathroom for them.

Allow your children to process their emotions.

It is crucial to allow your kids to have emotional space and autonomy over their physical space. Give them time and space to vocally and emotionally comprehend the change. That could include regularly reassuring them that neither of their parents is leaving them and that the divorce was not their fault. It can include listening as they express their rage and dissatisfaction. It could also entail providing them reasons to be hopeful about the future, even if those reasons seem little.

How will you handle the marital home during the divorce process?

What happens to the marital home is one of the most critical choices that must be made after a divorce. Do you sell the house, divide the cash, and let everyone start over, or does one spouse stay with the kids? Both emotional and economic factors must be considered while making this choice. Therefore, discussing your choices with a qualified family law attorney is crucial.

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