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How Would a Fresh SEO Agency Find the First Clients?

How would a fresh SEO agency find the initial clients? It may sound easy, but the reality is far more complicated. In today’s competitive market, it’s not enough to know your niche. You have to know how to get the attention of clients and gain their trust. You must have a strong online presence. If you don’t have an attractive website, it’ll be difficult to find new clients.

A good way to attract the attention of prospective clients is to showcase your expertise. This means having a portfolio of work. You should also have client testimonials that back up your claims. This will speed up the onboarding process and help you set realistic expectations for new clients. Make sure your team knows what they are doing. If they can provide references, it’s even better. That way, prospective clients can trust your company and your abilities.

One way to attract clients is to offer SEO services on a bespoke basis. If you can offer a customised solution to your clients, it’ll be easier to attract new clients and make a solid profit. You can even offer packages with a fixed price per link, post, or hour. You can build your portfolio over time by offering a bronze, silver, or gold package of services.

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