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Rectangle Or Square in Terms of Decoration and Space Saving?

In terms of decoration and space saving, it is recommended to go for a rectangle room because it has less square footage than a round one. It is recommended to place furniture with angled legs to avoid creating a boxed-in look. Furthermore, you should avoid placing furniture so close to one another that it clashes with the walking flow of the room. A good idea is to purchase furniture that doubles as a storage space. You can use ottomans to store TV and DVDs, or hide the games console and controllers in the couch’s storage compartments.

A long rectangular living room features a refined layout and traditional appeal. It is ideal for social gatherings. The long shape of the room allows for plenty of seating, a conversation circle. For a more spacious appearance, you should put a big sectional sofa against one wall. This will maintain the good flow of the room and also make the room appear deeper. The room’s windows will provide a nice view of the outside.

A round table gives more space for seating, and it is generally more compact. A rectangular table might be more attractive than a round one, but it may be unpractical for a smaller room. If space is an issue, a round table will save space and make the setting feel cozier. Make sure to consider the chairs when choosing the table size. There are also advantages and disadvantages to each.

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