Should you consult an injury lawyer in Fort Wayne?

You suffered injuries in a slip & fall accident in Fort Wayne and are now concerned whether you have a premise liability lawsuit. Personal injury cases are often hard to understand as the claim is based on many factors. Whether it is a car crash or product-defect-related accident, you need a clear overview of the situation. While the law doesn’t make it mandatory to hire an attorney to file an injury claim, you still need legal counsel and advice. That’s where a Fort Wayne personal injury lawyer can help. In this post, we have discussed a few aspects of consulting an attorney.

FREE initial consultation

Given you Homelockssmith are worried about the cost of medical care and lost income, you wouldn’t want to spend huge on knowing whether your claim is worth pursuing. The good news is most law firms in Fort Wayne won’t demand a fee for a case assessment. You can choose a couple or more injury lawyers and meet them in person to discuss the facts and evidence. While lawyers may need to dig deeper to find more details, they can certainly give you a realistic overview of the circumstances.

Your injury lawyer can do more

The role of an attorney is often overlooked by claimants. Besides reviewing the case, an injury lawyer is responsible for the following –

  1. Gathering evidence from different sources
  2. Finding fault and liability through extensive investigation
  3. Communicating with the claims adjuster
  4. Negotiating the settlement
  5. Filing a lawsuit in court

While most injury claims in the state are settled outside of the court, things can be different for your case. You need an attorney who can also take the matter to trial if necessary.

The contingency arrangement

As far as the costs of hiring an injury lawyer are concerned, you don’t need to pay a retainer fee. The lawyer will ask for a fixed share of the final settlement, which is the contingency fee. tv bucetas The lawyer cannot ask for payment if you don’t recover money from the at-fault party or the insurance company. The contingency fee for claims may vary, but the norm is between 25% and 40%. Because there is no upfront fee, you don’t need to do everything alone.

Hiring a reliable and seasoned injury lawyer can help you deal with your claim better. Please don’t assume that the insurance company will be honest with you businessworld247, and it is best to let an attorney handle the communications.

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