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What is the Average Sell Side Commission For Real Estate Agents?

You’re probably wondering: What is the average sell side commission for real-estate agents? While there are plenty of ways to negotiate the commission, the average rate is typically six to eight percent. It’s best to shop around to find the best deal and find an agent with a good reputation. A good rule of thumb is to negotiate for a lower commission if the property is selling for more than the asking price.

Real estate agents also charge fees for buyer and seller services. In addition to commission, the average listing agent receives buyer fees. This percentage is often referred to as the “buyer’s agent commission” and is paid by the seller. The commission is a significant part of the home price and goes to several entities in the transaction. However, in some cases, buyers may be willing to pay the seller’s agent for services rendered in a specific area.

Many sellers might not want to pay six percent for a realtor. Others might be reluctant to pay tens of thousands of dollars. And many sellers might not make as much profit as they used to. Some people, however, want to avoid the high-cost commission. For this reason, they may want to list their property with a different real estate agent. Instead of paying six percent, she listed her apartment with a different agent. Keith Burkhardt, the agent she hired, charged a flat fee of $1,000 for listing and submitting the property to databases. After all, her husband handled all the showings, open houses, and deal negotiations.

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