Why Do We Blow Out Candles on Birthday Cakes?

Blown-out candles on birthday cakes have many associations with other customs and beliefs. For instance, the old way to blow out candles was one at a time, and the last was when all the candles were extinguished at once. Modern traditions involve making wishes before blowing out the candles, and guests must blow out all the candles at once. This practice is not without its risks, though.

Some people say that the tradition began in Ancient Greece when people brought birthday cakes containing candles to the temple of the goddess of hunting. The idea was that the smoke would bring birthday wishes to heaven and protect the celebrant. This practice was later adopted by the Western world, and is now a cherished tradition of birthday celebrations. However, the reason why we blow out candles on birthday cakes is still debated.

While birthday candles have an ancient history, it was not until the 1850s that this custom was introduced in America. Once stateside, the practice kept its German flair. In 1887, Bethanne Patrick wrote a book called Life Among the Germans, which explained how candles became a part of the celebration. She argues that the tradition of blowing out birthday candles traces its roots to the Romans and the ancient Greeks.

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However, some people are grossed by the germs on a birthday cake. These germs can spread from the mouth to the cake’s icing. As a result, people are more cautious than ever to avoid spreading disease. While this can be a major issue, it is still worth considering alternative methods of blowing out candles on birthday cakes. This could potentially save your life! There are many alternatives to blowing out birthday candles, and you’ll never go wrong with one.

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